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PA-MC-T3 & 7200

I'm trying to install PA-MC-T3 on to 7200 and I've tried couple different IOS (12.1.15, 12.0.7T2, 12.1.1aT1, 12.0.3T3) and none of these IOS' seem to recognize this card. Router Configuration is as follow:7204, NPE150, FE I/O Card with MII, PA-T3 (wo...


Does anyone know of any issues with using CEF and NAT on a C2621 router.? I have seen conversations in this forum stating that there may be problems with users being denied access to the WAN when the number of translations approaches 1000 or so. I ...

NAT on 2610 Router

Hi anyone please help if I have the Router NAT issues as below;What 's the difference between ; ip nat inside & ip nat outside.If I have the my internal server ip and need to be NATed to the Public IP, so under router(con...

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