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Hi,i have a Question to Router RAM usage.My Router have 512MB of Memory.When i do a "show version" I get this otput:Cisco ********* processor with 491520K/32768K bytes of memory.This means 491MB for CPU and 32MB for IO.Now i do a "show memory" and ge...

thomas1337 by Level 1
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Hi Guys,I'm facing some problem to design my network, hope to get some advice over here..Please find my current design below...Current design,             Fortigate Firewall                        | |                 Cisco 3750             ||        ...

I have few questions in my mind these are always making me confuse if any body have knowledge about these so please share your knowledge: 1-How different telecom service providers are connecting to each other? 2-How International call is being proces...

With Eric Yu Welcome to the Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to ask Cisco expert Eric Yu questions about Cisco Medianet solution and architecture. This is a continuation of the live webcast. Eric Yu is a cus...

I bought some hardware and created my own lab to help prepare for the CCNA.  I only have one machine with a serial port and whenever I try to connect to a router (I've tried multiple purchased from different sources) nothing happens on the screen.  I...