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                   Currently we are using a flat network schema for our LAN.  Due to adding a new Cisco VoIP phone systems and some design limitations we are looking to move to using VLAN's and changing our internal IP scheme.  I am looking at basica...

Does anyone have suggestions of  software or ideas on managing cloud services aka DropBox, ICloud, etc.   We support 15 locations that all have their own individual T1. When  users are sharing large amounts of data it cripples other users on the  net...

We want to deploy about 1000 switches Cisco IE3000 on 500 sites. The configuration of these switches will be identical except for the hostname / IP address, vlan .How can we simplified the operation and with what tool you can do?If anyone has some pe...

I use uBR10k - 5x20 cards -configured with External EQAM for bonding downstreams. This is my Sh Cab modem output for lab setup.uBR10k#scmMAC Address    IP Address      I/F       MAC          Prim RxPwr  Timing Num BPI                                 ...

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