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Router setup

I have a Cisco 1700 router we are about to configureit to let e-mail come directly to us instead ofgoing thru our web hosting client. My question iswhich ports should be open for the mail to come and go... pop, smtp ? and also keep it securewe do hav...

eviliunas by Beginner
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Local Director and NFS

I have a LD 416 with Sw version 4.1.1 and I found that the NFS protocol doesn't work when installing the LocalDirector between two servers.I found the bug number CSCdt05312, but I can't find the solution for this problem wich is similar to mine (I ho...

rsarra by Beginner
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WCCP on Cisco 2600 router

Im trying to catch data from the internet with a Sun T1 with Inktomi as the caching software, it works with WCCP2 and the connecction is via a 2600 router with the wccp2 enabled and the redirect out in the interfece directly connected to the internet...

jlgarcia by Beginner
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linux 2501 setup

I'm trying to connect through a serial port to a 2501 I got to help me get my ccna.... but I'm getting a input output error in minicom. Here are my settings whats wrong...Serial Device: /dev/ttys1Lockfile Location: /var/lockCallin program: Callout P...

mhandlon by Beginner
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