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Resolved! Links

I need to link 2 sites and I was wondering which is the better option. We have a 1GB link fiber.1. Conecting the sites using routers or2. Connecting the sites using switches. We have L3 switches 1 x6509 and 1 x 3550.. What is the advantage or disadva...

londint by Beginner
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Hello all, Can someone help me out and let me know what is the equivalent of the below is for a Nexus 3K (C3172QT).I am familiar with IOS but very new to the Nexus platform and I'm currently migrating a 3750 to a Nexus. ip access-list standard VTY_AC...

G3000LEE by Beginner
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I have 3 switches (sg-350)and I want to enable DHCP in only switch no 3. In all switches, IP is statically assigned to all users but in my switch no 3 I want some pc to get DHCP IP and some static so how to config that ?? everything is configured in ...

Samaj0101 by Beginner
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The design document should include the following sections:1. The introduction: describes the project’s purpose and the reasons for the network design.2. Design Requirements: lists the XYZ organization’s all types of requirements, constraints, and goa...

I am currently running a bunch of config deployments to a large group of switches. Every time I run one and get ready to run the next one, I would say about half of my devices lose connectivity. After a few minutes, everything comes back up and I can...

hhhax7 by Beginner
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Hello, I can't get BSTUN to work on 2911 routers and a  HWIC-2T card, but no problem on my 2811 routers and a WIC-2T cardBut i can with my routers 2811, i think  i identified the problem, maybe it’s on the HWIC-2T serial card of the 2911 router.My co...

Tomas M by Beginner
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Hello,I am trying to remove a sub interface. Here is the error I receive.prod/pri/act(config)# no interface GigabitEthernet 0/6.2ERROR: Remove failover mac address configured on this interface firstERROR: Remove failover mac address configured on thi...