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AutoNegotiate Question

Hi! If my switch's port that is connected to a host is set to full duplex 1000mbps, but the host is running on :a)100mbps full duplex.b)10mbps half duplexc)10mbps full duplexWhat will happen in the switch with each of these settings?Thks!

dkblee by Beginner
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Jumbo Frames?

Oops, Accidentally posted this under Wireless:Hello's...Could anyone give me a synopsis of the pro's and con's of Jumbo Frames? What does it do? Just bump up the MTU to 9000 instead of 1500? Do most devices support this now?As for home networks, I us...

Armegeden by Beginner
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EIGRP Topology Table

I'm getting a little confused about the EIGRP topo table. The successor is the best route to a destination. The feasible succesor is the next best route to a destination as long as it's AD is less than the FD. When you do a "show ip eigrp topo", a...

tsmarcyes by Beginner
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