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Configuring Vlan

Hello,I've a problem with a Switch Catalyst 2950 and a Router 2620XM.I had configured two Vlan in the switch with the following steps:-Eth0/1 I've connected the router and I've enable trunk-Eth0/3 is connected to internet but if I don't enable trunk ...


I have a lan w/ 150 users in it. I am maxing out my amount of DHCP ip address in that subnet that my DHCP server can give out. I have a Cisco 2621 and I was wondering if there is any way to assign different subnets and passing DHCP ip addresses to ...

Cat 2970/2950/2924 Compat

hi--If i'm using a mix of cat 2970/2950/2924 switches on a flat network with just the default vlan, are there any specific STP config issues i should be aware of?I'm seeing odd network behaviour on the older 2924xl switches when connected to the "mai...

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