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cable dhcp-giaddr policy at Cisco uBR

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we have an  cisco uBR7246VXR (UBR7200-NPE-G1) with IOS ubr7200-ik9su2-mz.123-23.BC7.bin.

Cisco doc says:


When using separate IP address pools for cable modems and CPE devices, you can use the cable dhcp-giaddr policy command  to specify that cable modems should use an address from the primary  pool and that CPE devices should use addresses from the secondary pool.  The default is for the CMTS to send all DHCP requests to the primary  DHCP server, while the secondary servers are used only if the primary  server does not respond. The different DHCP servers are specified using  the cable helper commands.

Beginning with Cisco IOS Release 12.2(33)SCD5, the GIADDR option simply  changes the source IP address of the DHCP request so that the DHCP  server can use different subnets to assign the right IP address  depending on the types of CPE devices (namely cable modems, media  terminal adapters [MTA], portal servers [PS], and set-top boxes [STB]).  This enables faster processing of IP addresses; and in case the IP  address does not belong to the subnets on the DHCP server, there is  minimal usage of CPU resources.

But if I want to use this command only this is available:

(config-if)#cable dhcp-giaddr policy ?

  strict  With policy, use giaddr as the src IP addr in IP header for forwarded

          DHCP/BOOTP packet


I can't set special address for mta and so on in GIADDR field. Whats wrong? Is there a global command to enable this?

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