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Can't Access DSL router from remote location

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Level 1

We have 2 cisco 1720 series routers and 1 dsl router for the internet.

The cisco routers are working fine. I can ping both sites with no problem. We have a new DSL provider for the internet and they put in a DSL router. I can ping the DSL router from the local site but not the remote site. We can ping or trace route from the remote site to the local site with no problem except the new DSL router. When we try to ping or trace to the DSL router it times out. When I did an extened trace and used the remote source address it times out. If I use the local ethernet adress it traces. What do I need to do to get the remote site to have access to the dsl router.

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Level 2

In the dsl router ,you need to have route to the remote sites.This can be accomplished by giving staic route in the dsl router using the command "ip route . For more information on this you can follow the URL: