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Cannot change card (cc) to RPM in MGX 8850


I have an RPM-B card (on a MGX 8850 running 1.1.41) recently upgraded to 12.2.(4)T3. After the usual reload for the upgrade, the card came up as "Active" in the dspcds output, but when trying to cc to the slot, session falls back and I get the error

"Err: cliCroiPsrWrite(): ipc_open_port_by_name(RPM Slot 9:Console): failed"

By using a window, the RPM appears fine and upgraded. No errors in log, nothing unusual.

I would appreciate any kind of help on this.

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Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Looks like a SW defect... Fixed in 12.2(03.04)T (although you have higher release MGX code on this problem was 2.1(50) but seems your code is obsolete.

Here is the defect information:

CSCdu34279 Jup: Unable to cc to RPM-PR

Please review the DDTS notes for details.

CSCdw16306 Standby PXM receives corrupted RMM seat table from Active PXM. Also fixed in 2.1(70).

Looks like the code you are running is EOS... and I am seeing a lot of CC / IPC / and other timeout issues like what you are saying in the older code (1.x). Is there a possibility to upgrade your MGX code to see if this resolves the issue.

Hope this helps ,


Thank you, Don for your help.

I also have two more MGX 8850 with the exact same configuration, sw versions, cards and card fw. The RPMs on the other two MGXs did not cause me any problems upon upgrading, though. I cannot upgrade the MGXs (due to higher powers!!!). I did try to change IOS to the RPM, according to your post. Unfortunately, no luck!

I guess that leaves me with the MGX upgrade...Or an RMA possibly?!?!

Once more, thank you for the input.


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