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Cat65XX and Router76XX

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What are the major differences between 65XX and 76XX in terms of technical specification? Almost all their major line cards such as FE cards, FlexWan etc and even Sup engines are interchangable. Their backplanes and switching performance are also very similar.


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There are no differences between the two other that I know of. They are exactly the same.

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Technically, they are exactly the same, minus the silk screen.

Here is essentially the difference.

1. The 7600 only runs integrated code. It is a router in Cisco speak not a switch. On the 6500 (which Cisco deems a switch) you can run hybrid (combination of CAT code and IOS) or Integrated.

2. They have different code train names, although they are probably the same code, just named differently.

3. You cannot order a Sup1a for the 7600.

4. The 7609 only comes with the vertical cards (for back to front airflow) you can order the 6500 this way, but you have to order the 6509-NEBS.

That is a quick synopsis.

As the previous response correctly, if briefly put it, there really isn't any technical differences. It is all in the ordering and silk screening.

Hope this helps.


Thanks guys!!!

Silly question to ask. What does NEBS stands for?

NEBS stands for "Network Equipment-Building System"

NEBS describes the environment of a typical Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC) Central Office (CO). This description includes spatial and environmental criteria. Typical equipment line-ups are described including the environment they're exposed to.

NEBS was developed by Bell Labs back in the 1970s to standardize equipment that would eventually be installed in a CO. The intent was to make it easier for a vendor to design equipment compatible with a typical RBOC CO. This would result in lower development costs and ease the equipment's introduction into the network.

Above C&P from

The 7600 can run Hybrid code, beginning with version 6.1(1b) of CatOS for the 7609-DC, version 7.1(1) for the 7603, version 7.2(2) for the 7606, version 7.6(1) for the 7613 and version 8.1(1) for the 7509.