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cisco 3620 & xmodem'ing flash from rommon


Hello all,

I erased my flash recently and decided to reload through the rommon. I used the command

xmodem -c c3620-ios-etc-etc.bin

to prepare the router to accept a file, and sent it via xmodem on hyperterminal.

After about an hour when it finishes... it automatically starts trying to erase the flash? and I see a list of sectors coming up until it stops with the message:

"flash sector will NOT erase...aborting"

What does that mean!? Is the flash corrupt or damaged ?

It's done this twice in a row?

I've also tried using another option with the xmodem command, the -r option copy's the image to DRAM for launch...

and that worked fine... apart from the fact that when I reboot again, as it was running from DRAM, it's all lost.

help me please.. google throws up nothing with regard to that error message.

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Georg Pauwen
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VIP Master


can you try and manually erase the flash with the ´erase flash´ command and then try the procedure again ?



thanks for your response.

I have just erased the flash, and it showed a whole series of e's across the screen IIRC as it cleared the flash, but again, i'm getting the same error at the rommon prompt when I xmodem the file down to the router and it tries to clear the flash again before installing....

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