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Cisco WVC210 WLAN Camera - multicasting question



it act's about the CISCO WC210 WLAN Camera, I would be really happy, if somebody could help us to eliminate our problem 


We are using the WVC210 WLAN-Cameras (, this camera has a web server, so is accessible over a normal web-browser, to see the video transmission.

We just set it up with a normal WLAN-Router, so the camera is connected wireless to the router, and this router is connected to the internet (WAN).

With the cisco video-software or the web-interface, it's now possible to stream the video.

Our questions:

Now we like to stream the Video on our Website, so people what visit our site can take a look at our company and so on.

We are able to stream the Video with the MJEPG-Format, like the camera web-interfaces offers...

The problem is, with normal ip-transfer method, each user would connect directly to the camera and increases the data-transfer, the internet-connection will than overload easily.

But the camera supports multi-casting,  so the camera only transmit one data stream and all clients connected to this stream will receive the packages.

Our problem is, we do not have any knowledge about multi-casting and how it works, the camera has a normal ip-address and a pre-configured multicast address with group name, so how can we connect a client to this multicast group, without increasing the data-transfer with each new user?

Would you recommend us to use the multicast function of this camera or put a server between the camera and the website?

Could you give as advice or some kind of tutorial, how we can set up this multicast service and easily get a player for the stream on our website, without using many plug ins or special apps ?

Looking forward for your help, thank you all



P.s.: You can also reply in german

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Brandon Svec
Rising star
Rising star

Hi, your general understanding of multicast is correct, but I don't think there is any multicast in general use on the Internet today.  In the mid 1990's there was a thing called MBONE that experimented with this idea for basically the same application as you describe- to multicast video.  Check Google or wikipedia for some history of MBONE in case you are interested. That said, you should be able to use the multicast ability on your own LAN/WAN environment if that helps you at all.

I think the way people stream video to many users via the Internet today is essentially by having a lot of bandwidth and CPU.  You could probably find places to host your video and 'rebroadcast' it via their servers and Internet bandwidth.   Take a look a for an example of something that might help you.  There must be other services similar to qik that can 'rebroadcast' video streams that you only send one stream to them and they let multiple users see it.  I would expect to pay something for this service, but you might find free, ad supported services.

Good luck and let us know what you end up doing.


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I have a problem with this camera, I don't know how to get the rtsp stream:

I try rtsp:// but it does not work gives me access to the web interface.

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