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Design - DMVPN over a flat L2 network

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 We are migrating our network from the typical MPLS to a flat L2 network. Today, we have /30 subnets for each location and BGP across the enterprise, and our layout is hub and spoke with two hub datacenters. Due to new requirements, we have to secure the traffic so, we want to deploy DMVPN with a front door VRF. Here how the layout today is:

  • Remote locations speak with Datacenter A, and if A is not available, they will talk to B. 
  • There is no talking other than replications and management tasks between Datacenter A and B. 
  • The remote location runs VoIP and Wireless in addition to day-to-day applications. 
  • Physical security has their equipment in those locations, but they love to connect in real-time and watch video feeds. 

My question is:

  • Does it make sense to run our replication traffic over DMVP, or do you suggest regular BGP peering between the two datacenters?
  • Anything I should keep in mind to have a successful deployment? 
  • We have over 40 sites. Has anyone automated the process? We have to use the same equipment, so I want to speed up the process. 
  • Are we going to have issues pulling those video feeds in real-time? 
  • I foresee that QoS is in order here, but what is your opinion?

I forgot to mention that we need to deploy those sites in a brief period of time with just a few guys. In addition, these sites are geographically dispersed, so I was planning to get remote help. 


Thank you all. 




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