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Dumb question -- multiple T1s

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Does the T1/FT1 card in 2600/3600 support multiple T1 bandwidth on a single port?

We have high capacity microwave connection to a new remote site. We wonder we could bundle the multiple T1s instead of use a multi-port module. Can't find any hint in the "controller T1" config mode.

Appreciate it very much!


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I am not sure if I fully understood your question but you can configure multilink-PPP on the routers to bundle individual T1/E1 cirucits.

The following links should be useful:

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Thanks for your quick response. For some reason I can't go through your first URL even though I am logged on to CCO.

I guess I asked a real dumb question -- whether or not you can bundle N x 1.5mb bandwith (N being an integer) onto one PHYSICAL serial line that is connected to one PHYSICAL T1 port in a 2600 router.

I guess the T1 framing and timing standard will prevent you from creating multiples of 24 channels in one circuit, right.

So to increase my remote link bandwidth, we have to either bundle multiple T1 circuits together, or move to a T3 circuit. Is that correct.

Excuse me for my ignorance. I have very little WAN experience.

Yes, that's right.The T-1 circuit has 24 timeslots.

Your question is fine. Here's the deal You cannot put more than a t1 into a Physical T1 port on a router with the exception of on a regular serial connection you can put 2 meg into it. However, if you are trying to get more bandwidth to a remote there are several options.

First, I would not run more than 2 t1's into a 2600 inless it's a newer high performance router.

the best performance is on the 2691 at 70k packets/sec. You could go to a HSSI interface if you have at least a 3600 series router. A HSSI port would give you more flexibility in that you can put a CSU in front of the router and get multiple t1's for example and mux them together. You could also go to a fractional t3 in that same fashion.

Another alternative is to run CEF over multiple t1's connecting 2 routers together as well.

Or multilink PPP

Or IMA Inverse Muxing Over ATM.

The most important thing to do is size the pipes accordingly.