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EVPN c9300 - host with multiple IP single mac issue


Small EVPN network using C9500/c9300 switches running 17.6.3

I have a host (NetApp Storage appliance management interface) that has an interface with a single MAC but with 2 IP's. The second IP is a virtual IP that can be moved to another interface during an interface issue.

x.x.x.40   mac A

x.x.x.41   mac A

The ARP table is stable with both entries pointing to the single MAC. The MAC table is stable.

When doing "sho l2route evpn mac ip mac-add (mac A)" the output bounces between the 2 IP addresses.

When doing "sho device-tracking data | inc (mac A)" the output also bounces back and forth between the 2 IP addresses.

When doing "sho device-tracking (events or messages)" the output shows both IP's being inserted and deleted repeatedly.

The upstream switch BGP table acquires and loses the routes every couple of seconds.

"debug bgp l2evpn" reports path not found for the 2 IP addresses every couple of seconds.

Please note my command syntax may not be exactly correct I'm going from memory since this is an air-gapped system.

Thoughts? Can I not have multiple host IP's using the same MAC in this environment? Is this an EVPN issue or device-tracking issue or other? Thanks for any input in advance!

My EVPN configuration is very vanilla using the BGP EVPN configuration guide, nothing out of the ordinary.


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