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EVPN Multihoming with ESI

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I am experiencing a problem with my EVPN multi homing implementation and I wanted to post this question to see if anyone might be able to assist. The problem I am experiencing is EVPN multi-homing with ESI actually works on my fabric overlay with N9Ks for any southbound VPC configured towards my firewalls. However any VPCs southbound to my L2 switches (3750-X and 3850s), my VPCs do not work. For the VPCs not working, on the Nexus side it just shows no operational members and on the 3750-X and 3850 it shows in the logs that their is a channel mis-config and all the interfaces are put in an err-disabled state.

I have double checked the port-channel configurations, but I do not see any problems with the configurations. I wanted to put this out to the forum to see if anyone has experienced this. I am running on the NXOS side nxos.7.0.3.I5.2, which was the supported version to do EVPN multi homing with ESI.

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I have the same problem and actually it seems there is an issue with spanning tree over ESI port channel

I disabled STP on the leafs for those VLANs which configured  on ESI  port-channel and it worked.

Also I believe you can just filter BPDU on both sides of the port-channel



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