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Extract data from ANI

Level 1
Level 1

There is a DEE2.0 for RME3.4 to extract data from RME inventory database.

Is there one to export data from ANI. Our goal is to export data from User Tracking to import to the Tivoli Inventory system. Any advises would be much appreciated. Thanks/Elsie

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Level 8
Level 8

There is no DEE like tool available for Campus/UT. But you can export data from UT via CLI. Refer to the tech tip: or the on-line help within UT application for details.

Thanks. I find the info very useful. /elsie

Level 1
Level 1


There are a number of ways to extract data, the question is what form does the data need to be in? What mechanisms due you intend to access the extracted data and how often? The answer to these questions, leads naturally to others. You may want to get someone who is trained in the product as well as general Web development and databases to help you under contract.


Thanks LJ. We have Tivoli Inventory System EIMS and end-user information discovered by UT is required to extract and to import to EIMS on a daily basis. We have an inventory guy who can script from the Tivoli end. I am trying to

find ways to extract data from ANI other than running the CLI commands.

Any suggestions may help. /elsie

Hi LJ, the form is comma or white space delimited file is required. Any advice? Tks/Elsie