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how to assign the first IP address in subnet 3 to the R1<->R2 WAN link


please help me out with this, I've been trying to assign an IP address to 3 routers, series 0/0/0 and 0/0/1, knowing that the given network is

thank you all

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VIP Community Legend  -you need to subnet this /24 in to small


for Router serial point to point you need  /30 subnet to configure.



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could you specify a little more? Thank you

Joseph W. Doherty
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". . . knowing that the given network is"

The network is not, the address block/space is  Do you understand the distinction?

p2p links often use a /30s (or for some later implementations, /31s) address blocks/spaces.  However, p2p will work with larger address blocks/spaces, although doing so wastes address block/space.

A /24, for example, can be subdivided into two /25s, one /25 and two /26s (BTW, providing your 3 needed address blocks), four /26s, ... 64 /30s or 128 /31s.

For the first IP host address of (to is, but the first IP of is

The second IP host address of (to is, but the second IP of is

If unclear, let us know, perhaps we can explain further.

My bad, clear on the address block space, please explain further on the process. Thank you and again I'm sorry but I am still a beginner.



if this is a Packet Tracer project, post the zipped project (.pkt) file. It might be easier to explain by adding the IP address scheme to your PT file.

please find the file below.


Thank you indeed. 

IP address scheme



attached the working file with end to end connectivity. EIGRP has been added as routing protocol, and the routers have been configured as DHCP servers.

that is the project scheme 


". . . I'm sorry but I am still a beginner."

No reason to be sorry, we all were beginners at some point. 

The process you're asking for is an explanation on how to partition (subnet) an address block?  If so, suggest you google the subject.  You should be able to find much information on the subject, which would explain much better than I could in a brief reply.  However, while reading such information, if some particular point confuses you, post a question on that.

Georg Pauwen
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have a look at the image attached and the added subnets (in red). The first line is the subnet, the second line is the range of host addresses.

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