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IGX Gurus please help!!!


I have an IGX with a DS3 port configured with virtual trunks going to several other sites with IGX's. It also has a DS3 port upped as a line going to a 7204 that terminates the data PVC's coming from the remote sites.

An new site needs to be added however it will not have an IGX, just a router with an ATM interface and a PVC coming here to the main site.

The problem is that the IGX will not let me route this PVC through the same port that has the virtual trunks (the port connected to the carrier cloud).

When I try to 'addcon' the IGX says "port 8.2 not upped as a line" or something similar to it. I cant up the port as line becuase it is already upped as a trunk, a virtual trunk.

Is there any way I can get this PVC routed through the IGX and terminated on the 7204 through the existing port without disrupting the virtual trunking???

The IGX's are running rev 9.3.11

These IGX's sure are stubborn boxes!



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Hi Brad,

You will have to create a wrap-around for this. The port supporting the virtual trunks going into the cloud will not support a "UNI" connection. The way to create what you need is to have a separate port connecting into the cloud and another port into which you loop the cable from the trunk port. You can then create a local (VPI) connection for each virtual trunk between the new ports. You can also add the new connection you are looking to enable to the new port connecting into the cloud.

Hope this helps,



I did consider your suggestion and I am sure that will work however the DS3 back card at the main site has only 3 ports :-(

If it was a 6-port back card I could implement the solution you suggest.

My next consideration is to reconfigure the IGX network from scratch and remove all virtual trunking. All ports will be upped as lines and PVC's handed off to the cloud for routing.

My only concern is the voice traffic. Does voice require virtual trunking?

Thanks much for your reply!


Hi Brad,

Sorry I did not see your reply before.

Yes you will need a real (or Virtual) trunk for your voice. And for ForeSight and all the other good stuff that an IGX trunk delivers.


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