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ip helper adress & ip dhcp server


I have to test a network today that is working with DHCP. There is a DHCP server on another location that works fine. I configured a router on another locations (cisco 828) with the following commands:

ip helper address (dhcp server)

ip dhcp-server

I've looked things up on the Internet and according to a lot of people this should work. So that the other location (behind the 828 router) can work with DHCP adresses given by the server on yet the other location.

I can ping the server from any location so the connection is just fine. But i need to be sure that i'm not forgetting anything. Is this going to work?

Or do i need to configure another router between the server and the router on the other location?

Well i hope you can help!

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Georg Pauwen
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the command:

ip helper address

is only needed on the router when your DHCP clients are not on the same segment. If you have another intermediate router in between your two locations, configure the ip helper command on that router as well.

The command:

ip dhcp-server

is used for DHCP clients on your local segment.

Let me know if that is not clear...



Thnx for a fast reply!

So if i get it right(got some english problems not english). But if i get it right the ip helper command is for DHCP clients on the same subnet? Then i need to use that command to make it work because all clients are on the same subnet and the servers are too.

dhcp server command...for a local LAN? Don't really get that.

Here's some more info:

2 routers, some workstations, and 1 DHCP server.

The DHCP server( is connected to a router ( That router goes through epacity to another cisco router ( That router is connected to a few 3com switches and the workstations are connected to those switches.

On the router i've done these things:

ip helper-address


ip dhcp-server

On the other router i've only putted the following command(

ip dhcp-server

Can the workstations recieve a DHCP adresses now?