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LAN response time


Our LAN monitoring (Solarwinds) and ICMP ping show an average of 0 ms response time but every once in awhile there will be one ping that jumps up, most of the time it is to 16 ms but at other times higher.I know ICMP is not the best measurement of response time but is this normal on a LAN and does anyone have some links to some good info on this. Thanks

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Yes it is normal for this to happen especially on the first ping because the devices have to arp for each other and it just takes a little longer for that process to take place. Also if the device in question is busy then that will take a little longer too.

Thanks for the reply. This happens during constant pings not just the first ping. Can you give the different reasons these events happen or give some links that would be helpful to gain more insight into this. I need to report this info to management.

Thanks for any help.

Most delays in a switching environment are due to traffic issues. This may not necessarily be an obvious issue such as regular unicast traffic but more often that not, an issue in regards to multicast, broadcast and flooded traffic. Assure that this is not an issue. If all of your switchports are in one vlan, a good test may be to move two devices into a seperate vlan and run the pings again. If they are stable, then you know the issue is with traffic on the original vlan. Check you show controllers ethernet-controller for the ports in the original vlan and view the TX multicast and broadcasts to assure they are not incrementing rapidly

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