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LMS 2.0


I have been tasked to get monthly figures from Ciscoworks Re: availability, do you know an easy way this can be achieved from Ciscoworks.

We are running LMS 2.0.


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The Availabiltiy Monitor in RME can be used for this. The Availability Monitor continuously monitors selected devices. It also provides access to interface availability details. Monitor information is updated at half the SNMP polling rate. For example, if your polling interval is set to 10 minutes, the Availability Monitor is updated every 5 minutes.

- Selected devices and the time they last responded. Unreachable devices appear at the top with a red down arrow; reachable devices appear with a green up arrow and are sorted alphabetically by device name.

- Device reachability in percentages. The number of ICMP packets received from a device, divided by the number of packets sent. You can specify the number of ping packets to send to a device in the availability polling options.

- Response time in milliseconds.

- Interface status.

This would be ok, except as far as I can see, you may only specify upto 72 hours for reachability.If preparing stats. for one months operation, for over 290 devices, this would this mean I would have to calculate every 3 days, an I missing the obvious, or is there some other package that may deliver this.


Campus Manager uses Sybase SQL Anywhere Version 7. Therefore, if you can obtain access to the ODBC libraries, you should be able to read the tables and transfer the contents to an alternate database for reporting.

One additional note, if you have the NT version of Campus Manager, you can copy files from the C:\Program Files\CSCOpx\objects\db\Win32 directory to create a ODBC setup on another box that will access the database. However, this may be a violation of Cisco's license agreement with Sybase.

Therefore, before you do anything, contact Cisco directly. Peace...

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