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Network problem: Cisco Catalyst 3524 XL

Level 1
Level 1

I'm a administrator for a tenant-owner's association's LAN. I use a web interface to communicate and administrate our switches.

The main switch is a Cisco Catalyst 3524 XL, which creates a cluster with to Cisco Catalyst 2924 XL switches.

I'm using the Administrative tools in order to open ports for new users to the LAN.

The interface requires java in order to run. I have installed Java 2 runtime enviroment v. 1.3.1.

I can connect to the two nodes (2924) but not the main switch.

The interface as ran before without any problems. The client had windows 2000. Now I have the client installed with windows XP.

Does anyone have similar problems and maybe have a solution? I have tried with a earlier version of java plug-in (1.3.0), with the same result.

hoping for a answer



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Level 11
Level 11

Its probably a JRE plug in problem. Try uninstalling all JRE stuff from the PC and reinstall the old plugin (that works on win 2000) and see if that helps!

Sankar Nair
UC Solutions Architect
Pacific Northwest | CDW
CCIE Collaboration #17135 Emeritus


there is also a new Network Assistant tool available


which, I hope, might be Java-free.



Thank you for your answers.

The interesting part in this delema is that I have used the same java components before. The only difference is the OS. I changed from win 2000 to win XP. It doesn't seem right.

Is it possible to disable the web interface physically or via computer?

I have tried to set up the Network Assistent tool but I recive the same result...can not connect...

I think the assistent is the right tool to have, but the switch must work problably first..