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Pixie server

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Hi again!

Well here's another problem. I've got 2 locations connected by 2 828 cisco routers. On one side i have a pixie server(is pixie spelled correctly?), on the other location i have thin clients that automatically search for the pixie server(we dont use this server), but we want to give the thin clients the adress of the pixie server so they boot faster. How do i need to configure my routers on both locations? What commands do i need?

adress of the router that has a direct connection with the pixie server:

adress of the router on the other location with the thin clients that need the adress:

I hope you guys can help me! Thank you!

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Level 1

Nobody? :(

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Level 6

Are you referring to network based booting using PIXIE? If so all that you would need to add is the ip helper address commands so that the client broadcasts are forwarded to the server across the routers.

Well thnx so far. Just one more question. The ip-helper-address is being used by the DHCP server, not the same adress but can i put in two helper addresses??

And do i have to configure something on the primairy router?

secondary router: ip helper-address

primairy: ?

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