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priority list

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Ey there.

I have a few cisco 800 series routers. And i want to set up a priority list.

I want to give HTML traffic a higher priority then telnet traffic (over IP)

When i go to the priority list command, then i go to IP, i can just change the priority of the IP protocol, but i want to adjust the priority of the HTML and telnet traffic.

How can i do this?

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Level 4
Level 4

Are you looking for this ?

priority-list 1 protocol ip high tcp 80

priority-list 1 protocol ip medium tcp 23


If the rotuer is ADSL( 826, 827, 836, 837) you can't configure priority-list and you will be configure CBWFQ.

If the router is 805 put in interface serial0

priority-list 1

and before configure that you say "jolmo"

Best Regards

Jolmo? what's that?

I check a 2500 router and i works! But the prob is, the real router that i have to configure is a 827!

What do i need to do, to let it work on that? (everything is connected on the eth0)

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