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programing or networking ??? which one pays better?

Beginner lookig to to start a career in networking and im interested in it..but some are saying that there will be no career growth in networking and the salaries are also very less compared to programing so this is worrying me alot ..although this is not apparopriate to post this question here , i want someone to explain me clearly about career growth and salaries in networking.. some are saying that " i have never seen a network engineer earning $1300 per month while programers earn double"( salaries in india)...

so anyone please give me suggestions regarding this...please please please

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Joseph W. Doherty
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Can't say how the two technical careers paths compare in India, but in the USA, according to salary surveys, salaries are supposed to be roughly comparable.

You career (technically) might advance faster in programming as I believe it's easier for management to recognize positive and negative contributions.  You can advance faster in networking if you acquire a coveted certification such as Cisco's CCIE.  Much depends on supply vs. demand, locally.

Although most of us are interested in renumeration, don't ignore what you actually like to do.  Liking what you do often makes it easier to do what you do, better.  Also, you'll often fine doing something you dislike, for just a little more renumeration, often doesn't seem worth it after a while.

Well said Joe.


India has MNC's which are more software oriented i.e all the hitech cities like Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore have more software companies than networkin . These are all project oriented and offer higher remuneration.

In networking, the role is more of a support unless you have like 7-8 years of exp where you can become a solution architect or designer etc.

Howvever, in western countries as Joe said the remunearion is comparable based on certs , exp etc. I live in Australia and here CCIE's can get a better pay than a programmer or developer. It all depends on what the job market is really.

Also, do waht you love otherwise you wont last long :-).

thank you kishore ..and i think you are from INDIA?


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