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Removing a 3750 from the stack of 3.

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I currently have 3 3750s in a stack. I need to remove the last one and reconnect the StackWise cables for just 2. What is not clear is whether or not the other 2 switches will bounce during this (removing the 3rd sw & reconnecting the cables) or not. Is there a clear procedure for this? The only thing I found was in the config guide (5-3) about this. It is not clear that the network will be down during this or not. Thanks!

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Level 1

As long as there are no active connections on the switch you are removing, everything *should* be fine. My preferred order is to power down the switch and then remove the cables and re-connect. Once the switch is removed for good, you should remove the provision statement from the config to get the interfaces to go away. Then, you'll have to renumber the other one to bring it back up as switch 1...and remember it will have the same config as the existing stack, so you'll have to bring it up isolated to re-config it.

All that said, I'd suggest not doing stack reconfig any time you aren't confortable re-booting the switches entirely. Everything *should* be ok, and there is certainly no expectation of downtime, but there is always a chance for 'events' that aren't forseen.

Its issues like this (and having been bitten by the last n revisions of stacking, and IOS bugs taking down the whole stack, and ... and ... ) that have made me swear off stacking forever. The added (minimal) complexity of managemnt and ip usage is more than outweighed by the overall simplicity and reliablity of separate switches.


In my mind the biggest plus for stacking is the lack of spanning tree complexities. Granted its not that difficult to set up a trunk or portchannel but ....the stacks are pretty simple, clean and seem to run ok for me.

I have not yet had to remove a stack member but the procedure seems pretty straight forward. Power down the switch being removed, connect the stack cables appropriately. Do a "no switch stack-member-number provision " for the one you yanked.


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