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RME 3.4 and Win2000: any Syslog Report fails - Invalid Syslog File Location

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1. LMS2.1, RME 3.4 on Windows 2000.

2. Syslog.log file is in its default location - C:\progra~1\cscopx\log\syslog.log

3. syslog.log is being appropriately filled with messages from my network devices.

4. DNS resolution works fine - no problem from this side.

5. SyslogAnalyzer - running normally, no errors, restart doesn't help.

The problem:

When in RME I try to do "24-Hour Reports/Syslog Messages" or Syslog Analysis/Any Report, the summary comes out OK - for instance the number of notification, information, and total messages by device is increasing and not zero.

However, when I further click on a link on any of those numbers (which are also URLs to a list of events of particular type one by one) to view the additional info - there comes up a Warning Window - "Invalid Record Received from Server, Discarding the record" with Recommended Action - "Invalid Syslog File Location Specified".

This window comes up also when I try to view Unexpected Device Report.

Can't do any custom reports either.

All other 24-Hour reports like Change Audit, Reloads, etc except Syslog Messages are working fine.

Please advise on what to do. I found 2 more people describing similar problem in this forum ("Cannot get detailed Syslog 24 Hour Report in RME 3.4

" and "RME 3.4 syslog problem " threads), but no solutions were offered.

Cisco mentions three processes which must be running - CMLogger, RMEOrb, DBServer and recommends to restart them if there is a problem.

But I only have RMEOrb process in the list of processes!!!

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Level 4

This could be a new bug in RME 3.4 .As you said, many others also faced the same problem.It seems to be one. One such similar bug CSCdx74889 is found in this version. The workaround would be to upgrade it to version 3.5 Useful links for troubleshooting RME:

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