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RPS Recovery with 3750


I am running a stack of various 3750's using an 675RPS. Does anyone know the recovery procedure when power is re-connected to the stack. i.e. when power is removed from a switch, the RPS takes over. Then when power is re-applied to the switch, does the RPS need a reset, or does it automatically recover ?

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Prashanth Krishnappa
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

When power is applied back to the switch, the RPS will still continue providing power untill you press the Active/Standby button. When you do this, the switch might reboot(some switches do..I have not tested this with a 3750) due to the following limitation which applied to RPS675 as well.


We have found that with a 3750-48-PS-S it works fine, but with either a 3750G-24T-E or a 3750G-12S-S the RPS does not take over, No matter how long you wait.

When you say it does not work, do you mean to say the RPS did not provide power when the switch's power supply failed? What was the active/standby LED status on the RPS? Make sure it was in standby status. Also, note that the RPS can supply power to only one device at any given time, even though it can connect to multiple switches.

Problem Details: I am using 3 different models of Catalyst 3750's, stacked

& being supported with an RPS675. When you fail the power to the 3750-48-PS-S, then reapply power, if you press the standy button twice,

everything is fine. However when you fail the power to either a 3750G-24T-E or

a 3750G-12S-S the RPS supply's power, but if you then reapply power & press the standby button twice, the Switch Re-boots.

This is expected in some switches due to the following limitation.

Thanks for your response, i have opened an SR as this bug refers to the RPS300 & 3550 switches. If as you mention this bug applies to the RPS675 & certain models of 3750s, then it needs to be updated.

Fair enough.. I had the release note modified to include RPS 675. The change should reflect on CCO over the next 24-48 hours.

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