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Send SNMP between 2 VLANS 2950

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Level 1

Hi all.

We recently purchased CISCO 2950 switch and configured 2 vlans (vlan 1 and 2). Vlan2 (10.20.2.x) is the management vlan physically connected to a 3Com switch (containing same as vlan 2 segment 10.20.2.x) where the SNMP server ( is connected. Now whenever there is a link down at CISCO switch vlan 1/ vlan 2 we need a SNMP trap to be send to SNMP server residing at 3COM switch. Is this possible ? We dont have any router in the middle.

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Kevin Dorrell
Level 10
Level 10

Yes. Try this:

snmp-server host string

snmp-server trap-source vlan 2

interface range F0/0 - 12

snmp trap link-status

Note the spaces in the interface range command.

Kevin Dorrell


Level 6
Level 6

I believe this should be OK, as long as the management address of the 2950 switch is in your management vlan and the connection between the two switches either trunks both VLANs or if you don't need both VLANs on your 3com switch then change the PVID of both switchports providing the interconnection to that of the management VLAN.

i.e on your 2950

#int vlan 2

#ip address

#interface fastethernet 0/24

#description *Connection to 3COM management switch*

#switchport access vlan 2

#snmp-server host 10.20.2.*

One thing to mention is that with this config you will only be able to telnet onto your router from devices in your management VLAN.




on your Cisco switches, just specify the SNMP server where the traps have to be sent to:

snmp-server host

and specify the traps you want to enable, e.g.:

snmp-server enable traps snmp authentication linkdown linkup coldstart

Also, specify the SNMP server RO and/or RW communities:

snmp-server community XXXX RO

snmp-server community XXXX RW

As long as the SNMP server can be reached from the Cisco switch, the traps will be sent there.



hi all,

I can see the 2950 switch in my topology view but with ?. i hv ciscoworks 2000 4th edition. and campus manager version is 3.1. is there any patches i have to install for this.

kindly help me urgently on the above issue.

Thanks & Regards,