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THE Dumbest Question EVER...

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Yup, here it is.

I just got a new title - it sounds great - wanna hear it?

Network Administrator, WAN & Security

Cool huh? I'm studying for the security part, but what exactly should I be doing on a daily basis to administer our WAN?? I guess I'm looking for some sort of 'best practices' resource.

Yeah, I fell into the position (obviously), but I'd prefer it if they didn't regret it in two months...

links, tips, any/all welcome.

Thanks folks!


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I guess a good way to start would be to make an inventory of the equipment that is being used in your WAN and then get basic knowledge about the functionality of the equipment. Make a backup of the individual device configurations, in order to create a benchmark for a working environment. Usually in a WAN environment you are dealing with providers; I always found it extremely important to have good and accurate contact information of the providers, because 9 out of 10 times, if something goes wrong in the WAN, it is a fault caused by the provider.

I would also get familiar with the WAN technologies used in your WAN, here is a good link from Cisco:

I would also start to make a drawing of the WAN, it is usually just easier to visualize when something goes wrong with a good drawing.

In general I would say there is nothing to be really scared of in a WAN, you will gain a lot of knowledge just by doing the administration and by looking at the configurations. WAN outages are, in my experience, less frequent, but if something happens, you will be a popular guy, because everybody will look for you.



I'm with GP here. Document everything that you can. Backup configurations. I strongly agree that you should make sure all your contact information with providers is updated. Make contact with them and introduce yourself.

Learn and document the topology. Gosh, I guess I'm just repeating the other post.

Congrats on the position. I am hoping to get into some position like this as I am not getting anywhere at my current job.


Scully here. Yes, new user name - long story - go with it. So, I already have the contact info, and copies of the current configs. I need to get a performance baseline and from the sound of it, Visio is going to become my new best friend, but other than that, it almost sounds like I just get to hang out and wait for stuff to break? There's not really a "check this everyday, check this every week" kind of a thing?

... then why do they need me?

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Go for an NMS that you could afford to invest in coz that will really help you cater to your most of the requirements

1. Prepare detailed WAN Design/topology (Do sneek into LAN as well sometimes), CiscoWorks is cool, try solarwinds as well (good reports)

2. Documentation of assets on WAN,

3. Remote Monitoring using SNMP (CiscoWorks RWAN is best)

4. Most-Imp Serial no's of all your WAN devices (cisco support)

5. Subscribe to Internet Discussion forums/knowledge resources

I am in the heck of this job,

BOL for this electric chair you landed into