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Trouble with EnergyWise, phones aren't getting into Power Save (Plus) mode


Hello fellow CISCO community,

I have some problems integrating CISCO EnergyWise into my company. I hope you can help.

We're going to use EnergyWise in the entire company with a primary focus on PoE powered IP phones. Our goal is to reduce power consumption by putting our phones automatically into Power Save (Plus, depending on model) mode during off-hours. We mustn't cut the power wholly, we still need to be able to "wake the phones up" in case of an emergency or when somebody calls.

Our switches are mainly newer Cisco 2960 with PoE features and our phones are Cisco 7911, 7931, 7970, 7975, 8961 and 9971 models.

Here's to the config:


Switch(config)#energywise domain sicttest security shared-secret 0 energywise protocol udp port 30000 interface Gi1/0/28

Switch(config)#int range g1/0/40 - 48

Switch(config-if-range)#energywise level 10 recurrence importance 1 at 0 7 * * *

Switch(config-if-range)#energywise level 2 recurrence importance 1 at 0 20 * * *

Switch(config-if-range)#energywise importance 1

Switch(config-if-range)#energywise name SICT-TEST

I've tested EnergyWise using a generic PoE 2960 with Firmware 12.23(58)SE that's connected to our regular network and each of any phone model in our company (see above)

The main problem is, seemingly the power levels have been deployed successfully to each port (using show energywise i clearly see each port has its scheduled power level) as well as the switch recognizes the connected phones, but neither the phone displays turn off nor anything else happens that reduces energy consumption, each phone was still running with full power.

With configured recurring power level 0, the phones turn off like scheduled, but the power is all cut like expected. So the schedule works.

What am I going to do now? Is there something wrong with my configuration?

Thanks for any help!

Greetings from Switzerland (excuse my English =) )

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Hey guys,

I don't really want to push this thread up, but the problem still exists and we do not know how to solve it.

I hope  you can help. If i gave you not enough information, please tell me.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Leo Laohoo
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7900 doesn't support Power Save.


thanks for the answer.

that's right, 7900 series don't support Power Save Plus, although Power Save (turning off screen and going into standby) should be supported on these models.

could enabling Energy Wise in our Cisco Works NMS and configuring a global energywise domain get EnergyWise to work? We haven't done it yet, i configured energywise and its domain just on the single 2960 switch itself. Because we're a large company with strict security policy I can't do spontaneous changes on the system at all.