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Watchdog failures on 4912G logg buff

Level 1
Level 1

4912G connected on gig to 6509 on upper tier, on gig to lower tier to 3524XL-EN. 4912G runs CAT OS 4.5(1). Ok, I know this is an old version.

Sho logg buff

%SYS-3-P2_ERROR: 1/Watchdog failure (NMP virtual watchdog) - system may reset

%SYS-3-P2_ERROR: 1/Watchdog failure (Vc5 Watchdog Funnel) - system may reset

What is this? I can´t find anything on CCO about this. Links to explanations +solutions would be appreciated. Customers complaint is slow performance.

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Level 1
Level 1

Not 1000% sure, but it sounds a whole lot like your switch is overutilized (backplane or CPU) and is too busy to deal with watchdog keepalives... Is the switch really busy? Does the console feel responsive? How often do these messages occur?

I haven´t been on site - we have access to net. But via telnet there is no delay when typing commands. Don´t believe switch is busy. This is a high school. It has shown up 4 times 23/9 11:48,15/10 21:47,17/10 16:55,5/11 09:20. These times lead me to believe it isn´t a cpu problem - or should I say a normal CPU problem? Some of my collegues tend to think the customer has a bad NIC on his server. I couldn´t check the actual CPU becuase the old SW vers doesn´t support sho proc. Have you seen any links on CCO that explains watchdog failures? Tried troubleshooting assistant, error message decoder, system errors for 4912 but their is nothing about SYS-3-P2_ERROR: 1/Watchdog failure (NMP virtual watchdog) how to troubleshoot it and how to fix it. ?