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WIC and 'speed' on 2951


Hi all, 

Best wishes for the new year, may it be safe and outdoors again! 

For a Cisco 2951 I have a speed issue. The chassis should be able to put 1Gbs through and it does so on the G0/0-G0/2 ports. However teh WIC cards do not go over 250+Mb.. And i cannot figure out why?!  


Are there differend WIC manufactures? Like SIERRA for 4G? Or is it another configuration I am missing. On the G0/2 I have 800Mbs and on the G0/0/0 no more then 250+.


Does anyone know what I'm missing? Is it a Layer2 thing? Any advice would be most welcome!


Stay safe!


Greetings Marnix

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No, the 75 Mbps (duplex) is what the router can support, with most of its features active, using an IMIX traffic mix, and not exceeding an average of 75% CPU.  The 2951 best case performance is documented at 5.136 Gbps (aggregate).  (See attachment for all the details.)

Yes, there's a difference between WIC generations; it's mainly the module's bandwidth to/from the router.

HWIC - 400 Mbps, EHWIC - 800 Mbps - vendor should be able to tell you which generation their module is.

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Can you post the model of WIC, show module or show inventory. 


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Georg Pauwen
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are you talking about WAN thoughput ? As far as I recall, there is no way you can get a throughput higher than what you achieve (250Mbps is a lot more than what this router 'officially' supports, which is somehwere around 75Mbps).