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Cisco Employee

3750-X and Performance Monitor

As for 3750-X we do support all medianet features, performance monitoring, mediatrace and IPSLA VO.

As for performance monitoring the configuration is “Flexible Netflow (FNF) – like” with match/collect statements.

Now, is it FNF and is the Service Module with FNF needed or not ?


Cisco Employee

3750-X and Performance Monitor

The Cat3k product line does not have support for Flexible NetFlow (FNF) or Traditional NetFlow (TNF) on it's own.

Performance Monitor uses software based FNF on the cat3k and allows measurement of a filtered portion of the traffic going through the platform. The forwarding of the traffic continues to be done via hardware, and only the monitoring is done in software. So while a portion of traffic can be measured (and with performance metrics like packet loss, and jitter), this is a limited portion. The configuration of performance monitor is slightly different than FNF.

With the introduction of the Catalyst C3K-X service module, it is possible to do FNF on a cat3k at a hardware  level performance. It is currently not possible to hardware accelerate the performance monitor function by the use of the C3K-X service module. The traffic between the acccess ports (not using the uplink ports) will not be metered. The configuration of FNF with C3K-X is the usual FNF configuration.


Cisco Employee

Hi, aakhter

Hi, aakhter

Based on your above description, the Catalyst 3650 can support all the media features, performance monitoring by FNF in hardware, right?

So is means Cat 3750-X and Cat 3650 both support performance monitor and FNF, but one is software based with scalability issue, but the other is hardware-based no scalability issue?

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