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5508 WLC

i am tring to setup a 5508. 15 of the 16 aps will be at a remote site

the 5508 will be at HQ (would like this)

at the remote site i have 6 2960-s and a asa5510

this site is a sub site of another site the vlan 1 will be part of the main site which is connected to HQ via VPN.

i think i am missing something maybe a layer 3 switch

any ideas?                  

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5508 WLC

Did you already get 6 2960s?  Instead why not get a 4500 series switch with L3 capabilities .....     


5508 WLC

i have already gotten 5 of them 3 48port and 2 24 ports there is going to be 1 48 and 1 24 on each floor.

could i just use a L3 switch as a core switch at the site and will i need a L3 switch hat HQ or can i get away with just using the asa that i have at HQ

here is the current setup


internet to bonded T1 to att(cisco 2811)

2811 to asa5510

5510 to netgear FS724TP

HSV site

internet to T1 to att(cisco 2811)

2811 to asa 5501

to a dum switch

site is connected to HQ via site to site VPN

HSV subsite

internet to ASA5510

asa to 2960S(?)

then there will be switches on each floor of the building.

this is kind of like a hotel

each room will have its own vlan

VLAN1 will connect ot the HSV site (mother site) so i can see it form HQ

i would like to have the WLC at HQ and all of the room vlans will go out the asa at the hsv subsite (flexconnect)

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5508 WLC

It all depends on what do you have the HQ site and HSV Site

- How many devices/users

- Are there servers at any of the locations that I'm assuming users will need access to from the other two sites?

- HSV Site and HSV Subsite are they next to each other, why do you want to get to the HSV Subsite via HSV Site why not directly from the HQ?    

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