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6513 Power supplies

I need to TEMPORARILY install 2 6513s this weekend for a major cutover, the problem, however, is that the electrics are going to take a few more weeks. We will be using 2 2500W power supplies in each of the 2 6513s. These 6513s are replacing 2 existing 6509s with 1300w power supplies. The new electics are putting in the NEMA-6 plugs at 220VAC as per the cisco requirements.

My quesiton is can I, as a TEMPORARY solution for a few weeks, use the 6509 1300W power supplies in the 6513s until the electric installs are complete and we can put in the 2500W power supplies? I checked and the form factor for both are the same and I noticed that if you run the 2500W power supplies at 110VAC they operate at 1300W anyway. As long as I dont oversubscribe line card power requirements I should be ok until the correct electric is run and we put the 2500W power supplies in correct? I realize that every doc does not list the 1300W as an option, but everything looks to be the same when using the 2500W at 110VAC anyway...

Just want to be absolutely sure, any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Regards.


Re: 6513 Power supplies

You dont need to swap them. Just use the 2500w supplies on 110v and they will run at 1300w like you said. What you need is the power cables to plug them into 110.

When our 6513 came in it had 2500w supplies and we didn't know better and plugged it into 110v. It ran but kept shutting down cards below slot 9 because it was over budget. If you are not over budget it works fine.

The command sho env power shows what you have and what it calculates it needs.


Re: 6513 Power supplies

Our 6509's using 1300W power supplies are reporting an available 27.460A in redundant mode. I'm going to round up and assume:

Slot1: SUP2/MSFC2/PFC2 - 5A

Slot2: SUP2/MSFC2/PFC2 - 5A

Slot 7: SFM - 4A

Slot 8: SFM - 4A

For a total of 18/27A used. Assume another

4A for each crossbar, non-DFC fast-e blade

5A for each crossbar, non-DFC gig-e blade

6.5 for each crossbar, DFC fast-e or gig-e blade

and you can come up with the math. If you yank your power supplies out of redundant mode, you can double the available amps.


Re: 6513 Power supplies

Thanks everyone! I managed to find a 6500 still in a box that had a 2500W power supply. It came with both the 2500W power cable and a normal, 110V, power cable. My concern was that the 2500W power cable has the horizontal prong on the opposite side from a 110V/20A outlet and I wouldnt be able to plug it in. I tested and verified that if you use the 110V cable in the 2500W power supply it automatically sets the wattage down to 1300W. As long as I setup the power redundancy to disabled, SET POWER REDUNDANCY DISABLE, I can power all of the cards in the 6513 until the 220 lines are run.

Thanks again for everyone's help!


Re: 6513 Power supplies

As a side note, I recently upgraded a 6513 from 110v to 220v on the fly.

Always nice to spare an outage.

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