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7600 Cisco vs M120 Juniper throughput .. Aggregate Half-Duplex Throughput


Would like your assistance please regarding below

Soon we should replace Juniper M120 routers with Cisco 7600 routers

I was checking throughput for each but seems there is a difference between how Cisco & Juniper interpret their throughput in datasheet

Cisco 7600

For RSP720 when it say 720 Gb/s to my knowledge this means 360 half-duplex so you can send 360 Gb/s in each of in/out direction thus theortically you get 720 Gb/s as throughput but not 720 Gb/s in one direction

(RSP720 has integrated fabric crossbar with 18 trace/connection to line cards .. each trace is 20 Gb/s .. 20*18 = 360)

Juniper M120

But here in Juniper its is somehow confusing as it seems to be the opposite Any ideas how it can be interpreted at Juniper

Or in another words what is the difference between "Aggregate Half-Duplex Throughput" & "Aggregate Full-Duplex Throughput"


Many Thanks
Sherif Ismail

Joseph W. Doherty
Hall of Fame Expert


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The Cisco RSP720 are 18 x 20 Gbps (duplex); meaning each can ingress 20 Gbps while egressing 20 Gbps, or 18 * 40 Gbps = 720 Gbps.

(BTW, bandwidth per slot is dual 20s, except for the 7613, where only the bottom 5 slots are dual 20s, others are single 20s.)

Juniper does seem confusing, but what they are showing, I believe, is 1x full duplex = 2x half duplex of bandwidth.