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A/C Failure - Extreme Temperatures

We recently had an air conditioning failure in a small server closet.  Unfortunately we had no environmental monitoring in place at the time and we discovered the problem after several devices failed.

In the aftermath we're evaluating what we need to repair and replace.

Accoring to the data sheets I've referenced - I know what the operating temperature thresholds are, but at what point does Cisco recommend replacement if these temperatures are breached?  After any occurence?  After 10 hour?

The room reached above 60C (60 is as high as the thermometer in the room went, and it was pegged) for about 8 hours.  Devices that did manage to log/report temps report mid-60s.

Here's what I have in there:

3 x 7825I3 MCS (big concern over the hard drives here - we're seeing drive failures in several servers since plugging everything back in)

2 x 3560G switches

4 x 2960G switches

1 x 5520 ASA

2 x 4404 Wireless Controllers

The switch data sheets show 55C, the WLC and ASA list 45C and the MCS servers a frightening 35C as operating temps.

I've got a service request in with TAC to see if they'll recommend anything, but thought I'd throw it out to the community to see what some other thoughts would be.



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