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accidently shut down gateway in GUI

I have a 2921 gateway that was given to me,  i logged into the ip, and clicked on SHUT DOWN,  i thought it would power off the gateway but it didnt, so physically powered it off,  I was connected directly via ETH, on the 172 subnet. 

Now i can no longer access anything on the gateway, i get an error when i try to ping it , HOST IS DOWN. also had NO ROUTE TO HOST..



how do turn the gateway services back on? i am on a mac, so i dont have access to a serial adapter. 



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Re: accidently shut down gateway in GUI

We are not sure what is the configuration on the switches.


If your MACbook is in same network as (172.27.199.X) and you able to ping, then you can do rest config check by ssh/telnet  login to device ? if you are not able to reach the network ip, then you need get an console cable and connect to device and  have look,


there is no other option i can think for now on top of my head


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Re: accidently shut down gateway in GUI

I have the console cable, but no it has a serial end.  ill look around to see if i have an older computer with serial, 



Re: accidently shut down gateway in GUI

I am connected via usb , i have telnet into the router, 


i have logged in via CLI, 


can you please let me know what command to input to get the router back up?


Re: accidently shut down gateway in GUI



You probably shutdown the interface that has the IP address you mentioned ( ), you need to get into that interface and write the "no shutdown" command.


can you do a show ip interface brief and show us the output of that command? if it shows the interface on admin down status then it's shutdown. If for example it's the interface GigabitEthernet0/0 then you can do this:


config terminal

interface GigabitEthernet0/0

no shutdown


then you will see on the logs when the interface goes up

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