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ace 4710 to LB microsoft print services

In my network I have to implement an high availibilty HA for the microsoft print services. I use the ACE 4710 in a new context with an unique vlan 103 hosting the ACE and both the microsoft printservers. I absolutely want to avoid the cluster SLB of microsoft.

I test it using a WS1 trying to create a new network printer with contacting the VIP@ of the ACE it loadbalances the request in round robin to both servers S1 and S2.

The infrastructure is describe like this:

WorkStation1----IP Network--R1---|--ACE



S1 and S2 has the default gateway towards the R1 and consequently the ACE does source NAT to still stay in the reverse traffic.

From the WS1 I want to create a new network printer named \\VIP\printer1 and the result is NOK with the error message that the name or the path is not valid. The file sharing from the WS1 to the VIP is working fine. In the same manner if I try to add the new network printer contacting directly the real IP@ of S1 or S2 then it is running problemless.

Is there a community guys already encounters such problem ? Is it possible to use the HW ACE 4710 LB to balance the print services ?

Thanks in advance for your help.



I want to add that the ACE is working in the one-armed mode.

I have a depth look at the problem taking a sniffer trace directly at the WS1.

In the case where the WS1 is going directly to the S1 it ask for a printer list (EnumPrinters) at the server \\S1_IP@ in an SMP packet. Then the S1 responds with the printer list and the WS1 can normaly add the printer.

In the second case where WS1 is requesting the VIP it ask for the printer list at the server \\VIP_IP@ in the SMB packet. Then the S1 receive the request  and it responds with an error "invlid parameter" because the server doesn't know about printers hosting with the VIP_IP@.

Is it a solution to solve that issue like a protocol fixup or someting else ?





just for information I resolved the issue.

I just add a Loopback interface on both the Print servers configuring with the IP@ of the VIP. In that case the servers can treat the request of the EnumPrinter from the client. It's running fine but I am going to do more tests.


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