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Ask the Expert- Internet of Things (IoT) Management

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This topic is a chance to discuss more about the Internet of Things (IoT) Management. Learn more about the strategies that involve the connectivity of smart devices, its organization, monitoring and troubleshooting functionalities. Take this opportunity to ask the expert all your questions about the best practices to manage communication between your devices, including topics such as the main protocol LWM2M (Lightweight Machine to Machine) and the IPSO (IP smart Objects) data model. 


The internet of things refers to the wireless communication between devices and their ability to receive send, and create data based on environmental factors or user activity. 



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Ask questions from Monday, July 2nd to Friday 13th 2018


Featured Expert 

Ines Robles is an Inter of Things (IoT) consultant with over a decade of experience as an IT researcher. She is an IoT directorate member and a co-chair ROLL from the working group of the IEFT. Currently she is Finland pursing a PhD research related to IoT Group management in the context of LWM2M at the Aalto University, since 2014. She started as a researcher in 2007 taking care of network topics at the GridTICs laboratory UTN-FRM University in Mendoza, Argentina. She has experience with different protocols and programming


Ines might not be able to answer each question due to the volume expected during this event. Remember that you can continue the conversation at the Network Infrastructure Category.  


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Hola Ines,


Me atrevo a escribirte en Español primero, Quisiera a donde se dirige Cisco con el IoT. Yo actualmente veo muchas empresas con su propia tecnologia IoT llamase Samsung, Xiaomi, etc yo en lo personal tengo un Raspberry PI y experimento con ella con Python.


Pero no tengo idea que propuesta de Cisco aporte con lo que hay en el mercado, Por ejemplo Azure hay librerias donde los calculos o API para deteccion de imagen y reconocimiento de objectos lo que me hace pensar que un dispositivo como RPI es meramente un puente hacia la nube. Si quieres me respondes en ingles sin ningun problema pero necesitaba transmitir un mensaje claro hacia a ti.

Hi Gusdrawn,


Thank you for your question,


I do not belong to Cisco, thus I do not have detailed company information available.


It is very nice that you are experimenting with Raspberry PI. As you said, you can do a lot of things with it. Probably, you might want to try the Cisco's IoT device SDK written in Java [1] as well.


Cisco has available IoT products [2], such as IoT Management and IoT Security. A business analysis [3] done this year, mentions the IoT business overview, the strategic direction, a SWOT analysis and the IoT components.


In general, with IoT emerge new business models (use cases), thus the companies interested in IoT have to be proactive, detect them in advance and generate the right solution in a creative way (= optimizing resources). I think that still there are a lot of business models that have to be uncovered, not everything is in the market yet, or at least not in a way that for example different products from different vendors can inter-operate smoothly, this is a topic still work in progress e.g. by Standard Organization like IETF.


Hope this help to answer your concern,





Hello Maria Ines


I'd like to know what features are included in IOS for IoT devices?, further than physical improvements like rugged chassis, resistance etc, are there any features focused on IoT functionality? 

can those devices interact with devices using Modbus or any other Control protocol?


thank you.

CCIE 52804

Hello lespejel,


Related to your concerns, the Cisco IOx application environment combines IoT application execution within the fog, secure connectivity with Cisco IOS Software, and services for reliable integration with Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and the cloud [1]. Based on this, it seems that IOS would included the interfaces to interact with the rest of the IOx components. In [2] you can have a logical view of IOx Architecture and where IOS is located into the stack.

Based on [3], C819 IOx supports Modbus by default. Based on [1] IOx provides IoT Protocol abstractions (CoAP, MQTT, Modbus etc.,).


I do not belong to Cisco, thus for further details you might want to contact Cisco people.


Hope that it helps.

Thanks for your question.