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Campus Manager and inventory discovery


Hello everyone,

I am new to Campus manager. I am trying to get it to discover our network topolgy which consist of various router, IP phones and various switches. I have added a seeding device and evetered teh snpm info into the server confi but it is only discovering the seed switch and the call manager server. which are on the same lan as the Campus Manger Box. There are routers on the smae lan that it is stating is unreachable. I have tested the conectivity of this device and the remote device from within the connectivity tools Mangment to device tool and had no problems. ALl update have been applied CM 3.2 and CiscoWorks 2000 2.1

Thanks for any help really appreciate it




Have yo checked the box in ANI Settings that reads "Jump Router Boundaries"?. This is not checked by default. Check this box and then run the discovery again. Make sure that the SNMP Strings on the devices macth with that added in the Campus Settings, other wise the discovery will fail to discover. Also, make sure that you have not turned on any Discovery Filters on the same screen.

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