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Cannot delete VTP domain on 2950

I want to delete the VTP domain name on my 2950.

Sh VTP Status display :

VTP domain : CACE

VTP mode : transparent

Try to use command line vtp domain "" and having this message

Operation failed; Bad domain name length

What is the way to set a null domain name ?


Hi Friend,

The easiest way is to give it some other domain name which does not exist in your network if you do not want your switch to participate in any VTP domain which exist in your network.

Switch default is in no-management-domain state.

After the switch leaves the no-management-domain state, it can not be configured to re-enter it until you clear the NVRAM and reload the software.

So if you completely want to get rid of it clear NVRAM and reload the software.

By my recommendation is if you put into any domain which does not exist in your network it is same as no-management-domain state because it will not participate in your existing VTP domains.

HTH, if yes please rate the post.


Cisco Employee

I don't think this is possible without clearing the config or deleting the vlan.dat. The state that you are talking about is the intial config where vtp has no-domain, and is in a plug and play mode where it would accept the first domain and configuration it receives on one of its interfaces. To my knowledge this is only going to happen with wri erase and a delete vlan.dat.

Because we need a valid vtp domain name to create vlans, with such a feature we may also run into an issue where the vlans created under that domain need to be removed as well when the domain is nulled. Basically the same effect as deleting the vlan.dat. Regardless, there was a defect enhancement for a similar command on catos, but it was ultimately closed.




Once you configure a domain name, it cannot be removed. You can only reassign it to a different domain

The switch is in the no-management-domain state until you configure a domain name. While in the no-management-domain state, the switch does not transmit any VTP advertisements even if changes occur to the local VLAN configuration. The switch leaves the no-management-domain state after receiving the first VTP summary packet on any port that is trunking or after you configure a domain name by using the vtp domain command. If the switch receives its domain from a summary packet, it resets its configuration revision number to zero. After the switch leaves the no-management-domain state, it can never be configured to reenter it until you clear the nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM) and reload the software.

Hope this will helps,


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