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CAT4000 Powering Access Points and Phones Issues

The Cisco salesperson recommended to us to purchase Catalyst 4000s so we could power Access Points and phones from the switch, so we paid the extra money for CAT4000s and modules that supported inline power.

Now when we try to power an access point, we get the error:

PORT_NOPOWERAVAIL:Device on port 2/13 will remain unpowered, denied power because there is not enough power.

We're only powering one device!?

Notice these outputs:

MKT_4000 (enable) show port inlinepower 2/13

Configured Default Inline Power allocation per port: 15.400 Watts (0.30 Amps @51V)

Total inline power drawn by module 2: 0.000 Watts ( 0.000 Amps @51V)

Port InlinePowered PowerAllocated Device IEEE class DiscoverMode

Admin Oper Detected mWatt mA @51V

----- ------ ------ -------- ----- -------- ---------- ---------- ------------

2/13 auto deny yes 0 0 cisco none cisco

Port Maximum Power Actual Consumption absentCounter OverCurrent

mWatt mA @51V mWatt mA @51V

----- ----- ------- ------ --------- ------------- -----------

2/13 6500 127 0 0 0 0

MKT_4000 (enable) sh env power

Total Inline Power Available: 0 Watt

Total Inline Power Drawn From the System: 0 Watt

Remaining Inline Power in the System: 0 Watt

Configured Default Inline Power allocation per port: 15.400 Watts (0.30 Amps @51V)

Module Total Allocated Max H/W Supported Max H/W Supported

To Module (Watts) Per Module (Watts) Per Port (Watts)

------ ----------------- ------------------ -----------------

2 0.000 0.000 6.500

4 0.000 0.000 6.500

Power Budget is : 2 supplies

Power Available to the System (excluding voice power): 750 Watts (62.50 Amps @12V)

Power Drawn from the System (excluding voice power): 255 Watts (21.25 Amps @12V)

Remaining Power (excluding voice power): 495 Watts (41.25 Amps @12V)


If this is a 4000 and not a 4500, did your salesperson sell you the auxiliary power shelf and a PEM? If not, you will need to buy these items to provide inline power.

These items were never nentioned in the quote. I will bring them up.

Thanks a lot for that quick response!

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