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Catalyst 4006 - Failover recovery procedure.

Hi, I am new to Cisco Switches, I'd really appreciate anyone's advice for redundancy procedure for Catalyst 4006.

I have 2 Catalyst 4006, ws-x4013 (supervisor II) with ws-x4448-gb-rj45 and ws-x4013 with ws-x4148-rj, linking two floors via Fiber cable.

Basically Supervisor II Engine and 1 GB module is on Level 3, which links to all the file servers and 1 Supervisor II + 4 Ethernet switching modules is on Level 1, which links to all the pcs. There is no VLAN configured and pretty much default settings taken. Here are my questions:

1) If SE II on L3 is broken, Can SE II on L1 be replaced with SE II on L3? What steps are reqiured if it can.

2) If GB module on L3, where all the server are attached, is broken, can it be swapped with one of Ethernet Modules from L1? What steps are required, such as restoration of config etc.

3) If Fiber cable is broken that links between two switches, can ethernet cable be used to connect between switch modules?

What other options are avilable if this can't be achived.

Many thanks in advance. DJ


As far as I know:

1) Should not be any problem at all by swapping/replacing the SupII engine. You must however be aware that the config is saved on the SupII so once you've swapped, make sure that you'l put the appropriate config on (eg take out the GB configs if the GB module is not there). This can potentially take quite a long time to do so it might be better to have a high response maintenance contract.

2) Again should not be a problem and again be aware that the config is saved on the SupII module. So edit the appropriate settings.

3) No problem in using copper should fibre be cut. Try EtherChannel the copper. On 4006, you can EtherChannel up to 8 x copper interface.

Thanks for your reply. I would like to clarify a couple of curiosities as below please.

1)Once the faulty SE II on L3 is swapped with the one from L1 and restored the orignal config. it may fix up SE II that is attached to Gigabit Ethernet Module and all the server would be OK, what about the Switch on L1 that we just took out SE II, still be operational or dead without SE II until replace spare SE II?

Is SE II on L1 contain any config info? Only the one on L3 (Gigabit one)is pingable or do you actually configure it?

2)Do you mean should be a problen with Gigabit ethernet switching module(ws-x4448-gb-rj45), it can be swapped with Ethernet switching module(10/100 Mbps, ws-x4148-rj. Servers on this Ethernet switching module taken out from L1 run at 10/100.

Do you still require to edit settings SE II has got right config already unless swithing module retains any settings?

3)Can you pls advise a bit more on this? you mean the copper is Ethernet rj45 cable or just use real copper wires instead should Fibre cable be cut or faulty?

Really appreciate your advice.. I will try these out in near future. we have had very bad experience before. Regards, DJ

A few comments to add:

1. Under NO circumstances you are to pull out a Sup engine while the power is still on (just a reminder). Power down the switch and then pull things off.

2. Once you pull the SEII out of L1, the switch on L1 is practically dead. It will not function without a SE. It will need a replacement SEII.

3. ALL SE contains config info. What I'm guessing here is that you're using the default VLAN1 to connect your switches and other devices together. Also, I suspected that you have an IP address on L3 switch and NOThing on L1 switch. This is simple, all you have to do is configure an IP address on interface SC0 on L1 switch and you'll be able to ping it. Not pingable does NOT mean that there isn't a config.

4. The ws-x4448-gb-rj45 and the ws-x4148-rj is swapable. Just make sure that the servers are set to the appropriate speed/duplex setting. I usually disabled auto-negotiate on my servers hence I'll have to reconfigure should I need to replace the card.

5. Switching module does NOT retain any settings. It's the SEII that keeps the config. I regularly update my config once every month regardless of whether there's any change or not.

6. If you already have UTP copper cables between the floor then you can use them if the fibre was cut. Just make sure they're within 100m (standard stuff).

7. Search the Cisco web site for how to configure EtherChannel on interfaces in case you'll need them.


Look for procedures of replacing Catalyst 4006 to 4506 E. Any suggestion? Thanks.