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CCENT question

hi all,

i know this is not the correct subject to post this, but i dont have access to the "CCENT" subjects.

so feel free to move this post if youre an moderator.

i want to begin with my certification to the CCENT > ICND1 > ICND2 ect

so ive been looking to some posts on how to build a hardware lab for the study.

but ive seen quite some different set-ups so i wanted to ask you guys if you can help me out.

set-up 1 is: 2x 2620, 1x 2950-24

set-up 2 is:

R1 – Cisco 2611XM (128MB DRAM and 48MB Flash)

  -  2x WIC-1T Modules

R2 – Cisco 2611XM (128MB DRAM and 32MB Flash)

  -  1x WIC-1T Module and 1x WIC-2T Module (Totaling 3 Serial Interfaces)

R3 – Cisco 2610XM (128MB DRAM and 32MB Flash)

  -  2x WIC-1T Modules

R4 – Cisco 2610XM (128MB DRAM and 32MB Flash)

  -  2x WIC-1T Modules

R5 – Cisco 2610XM (128MB DRAM and 32MB Flash)

  -  2x WIC-1T Modules

FR – Cisco 2620 (64MB DRAM and 16MB Flash)

  -  1x Cisco NM-8a/s used for Frame Relay.

as you can see, these are quite different from eachother.

and the next thing is, what version of IOS should all the devices run?

so i hope someone can give me a kind of 'shopping list' idea, or point me in a better direction than set-up 2 haha, i think tháts kinda overkill...

thank you in advance

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CCENT question

Do you really need to buy all that kit for CCENT? I would have thought a good book and GNS3 would be enough to get you started...

CCENT question

Well set-up2 is like i said, kinda overkill to me. And i have the books ect, but im more of an 'hands-on' person rather than virtual labs.

Thats why i asked this question here.

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CCENT question

GNS3 is an amazing tool if you have not tried it before - as long as you can get your hands on the IOS images it is the same as being on real routers. The only drawback is that it is very much orientated towards routing rather than switching.

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