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Cisco 3750G-24T-S V03 IOS update problem

I am trying to update the IOS image on a Cisco 3750-24T-S V03 switch from 12.2<50>SE3 to 12.2<55>SE5 using the TFTP procedure in Document ID: 41541.  I have successfully updated other 2900, 3000, 3500 and 3600 switches using this procedure.  But when attempting to perform the update on a 3750, I get more error "0" indications than success "!" indications during the transfer and the transfer times out.  I have checked the flash, and I should have more than enough room to perform the transfer.

Is there another procedure that applies to the 3750 or are there other issues I should be aware of?  I have searched the Cisco support site, but haven't found anything useful.


Where is your tftp server..are u trying to transfer over wan,I doubt its latency in transfer...does this switch has connection to any other local router or switch.Can you do this..

To any router locally connected to this switch,have the ios on the flash of that router and make that router as tftp server by


tftp-server flash:

then go to switch and specify that router as tftp server to pick the image and see how transfer goes.

Let me know if it helps.


My tftp server is directly connected to the switch I am trying to upgrade.  I'm using a laptop as my tftp server.  I don't have the option of using a router.

I have used the same laptop in the same configuration for other seccessful IOS upgrades, so configuration should not be an issue.

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When you get an "0" it can mean one of two things:

1.  The link is slow and you are getting re-tries; or

2.  The flash memory is getting full and the switch is dropping packets and retrying.

If you think that your link is a fast link then it's got to be #2.  Can you please post the output to the command "dir flashx:" where "x" is the number os switches you have in a stack?


Agreed.just wanted to make sure there is no latency or some connectivity problems between your switch and

TFTP server.

Make sure that speed/duplex settings are correct (if your workstation is a Windows box, it's very likely to have auto-negotiation turned on, while switch might be explicitly configured for 100Mbps/full-duplex operations).

Also, does your tftp server indicate that the initial tftp transfer begins and then ends prematurely.?

what is your file size.Side by side Can you please paste output of

switch#dir /all



Hello all,

Thanks for your help, but it turned out that it wasn't a switch issue alltogether.  It turned out that the 3750 just did not want to play nice with the tftp app I was using.  Not sure why, because it worked for my 2950, 3000, 3550, and 3650 switches.  Not completely sure it is all the app's fault either, so I won't name it.

Switched to SolarWinds tftp server app and all is good.

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