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Cisco 678 ADSL migration to Cisco 1417 ADSL

I have a Cisco 678 ADSL router provided by my ISP. The ISP has given me login access to the local Cisco 678 router.

I would like to switch out the Cisco 678 NON-IOS router with a Cisco 1417 IOS enabled router.

I cannot get the ADSL (ATM0) line to EVER come up, it's always DOWN/DOWN.

I have configured the VPI/VCI (0/35). When I run debug atm commands I get the 0x8 status message and the line always is down/down.

ANY help would be appreciated.

I am running static IP, and do not use PPoE.

The ISP tech tells me the Cisco 1417 MUST support DMT, CAP or G.Lite encoding and RFC1483 routing.

Thank you.

VIP Mentor

Re: Cisco 678 ADSL migration to Cisco 1417 ADSL


can you post the configuration of your 1417 ? Also, which IOS version are you running ?

Not sure if you have already looked at this document, it talks about Layer 1 troubleshooting on the 1417:


Troubleshooting Layer 1 on a Cisco 1417 Router




Re: Cisco 678 ADSL migration to Cisco 1417 ADSL

Thanks for the troubleshooting doc

Here is the configuration on the Cisco 678

DSL-678#sh running

Warning: traffic may pause while NVRAM is being accessed

[[ CBOS = Section Start ]]

NSOS 1483 Routing = enabled

NSOS Strict Exec Password =

NSOS MD5 Root Password =

NSOS MD5 Commander Password =

NSOS Ethernet Speed = autodetect

NSOS MD5 Enable Password =

NSOS Prompt = DSL-678

[[ TFTP = Section Start ]]

[[ IP Routing = Section Start ]]

IP NAT Outside IP =

IP NAT Entry =, 23,, 23, tcp;

IP Port Address = 00,

IP Port Address Mask = 00,

IP Directed_Broadcast Forwarding = disabled

[[ ATM WAN Device Driver = Section Start ]]

ATM WAN Virtual Connection Parms = 00, 0, 35, 0

[[ SNMP Management = Section Start ]]

SNMP = enabled

SNMP Manager List =, publice, read, trappable, all;, private, write, trappable, all;, publice, read, trappable, all;

[[ DHCP = Section Start ]]

DHCP Server = enabled

DHCP Server Learn First Pool Address = enabled

DHCP Server Pool DNS = 00,

DHCP Server Pool Secondary DNS = 00,

DHCP Server Pool Lease = 00, 43200

DHCP Server Pool = 00, disabled

[[ WEB = Section Start ]]

[[ SYSLOG = Section Start ]]

SYSLOG = enabled

SYSLOG Server =

The configuration on the Cisco 1417 is blank so far.


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